Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Xavier improvement of T4 W2 Monday sample

Ohhh Nooooo as i glanced out the window  its raining and the sun was long gone the clouds were out and no sign of a good day. I was a bit  nervous for my first day at school but a bit excited In the morning my Mum woke me up and told me to have a shower and have some breakfast…….. after breakfast me and my mum jumped into the car and took off as we were in the car the rain was splashing on the window and it was hard for my Mum to see as we reached closer I was getting more scared. As we turned the corner I saw the big school with heaps of big and little kids running into their classes like usain bolt. The rain was getting worse so me and my Mum quickly ran of to the office and introduced  me to the principal to the school his name was Mr wayne. Then the bell went DING DING!!. We all had to go into the hall for our new classes but since I was the new boy I did not know anyone and I was a bit shy.

When the teacher was calling out the year one classes I heard my name get called for room five the class look’s or right but our teacher was scary because she looked scary.At lunch time the rain eased down... and then I had this boy to show me around the school and he told me were the playground was his name was Luke Master and he is a year 2. After lunch we had to do s.s.r which was very very boring then we had to write out the alphabetical letters and sing A B C D E F G and on and on. as it reached to the end of day my mum came and pick me up and asked me how was my day and I said alright.


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